Your At-Home Honeymoon

Updated: Feb 11

Are you stuck at home for your honeymoon? Or maybe planning to delay and honeymoon when the world reopens? You don’t have to forgo a honeymoon experience just because you can’t travel!

I have compiled six fabulous at-home honeymoon options for you to choose from, or do the whole lot! No one is stopping you!

Hire a private chef to cook you dinner in your home, get all dressed up and make it special - a bouquet of flowers and some candles and you’re good to go! May I recommend Chef Manny? His food is to die for and he’s happy to discuss options within your budget. Find him here!

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Hire a glamping tent for the backyard for a few days. Don’t worry, it’s not as casual as it sounds. It’s incredibly glamorous and luxe, plus access to your home for all the extras and no packing! Chat to the gang over at Glamping Hire Co for great prices and excellent customer service.

Splurge on some local accommodation! If you’re in the mood for urban and trendy, have you heard of the Constance? The only street-art hotel in Brisbane? Maybe you prefer something more luxurious; try the Emporium at South Bank. It’s pricey but worth it if you want luxury. Or if you like the outdoors but enjoy running water and the amenities of the 21st century, why not try Nightfall? Stunning views, major privacy and did I mention the views?

Go somewhere local you’ve always wanted to visit and stay a few days. We often forget to explore our own backyard, so why not go out West and see what the stars really look like? Or maybe head to the Whitsundays for a relaxing beach honeymoon - just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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If you want to stay in your home, plan an activity option for each day or evening. You may just want to stay in bed the whole time *wink wink* but splurge on some fancy restaurants or go to the zoo or a theme park. Have an agenda for what you’d like to do but if you choose to stay in bed, so be it!

At-home spa day! Lot’s of massage parlours offer home-visits. Set up some candles, clear the living room and have two masseuses come in to treat you both to a couples massage in your own home. Romantic and you’re able to jump straight in the shower (or in bed) afterwards.

Whatever you do, choose to be intentional and make the days or week special. It’s true what they say: sometimes it just comes down to your attitude and perspective. Make it a good one.

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable xx

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