Why You Need a Wedding Planner/Coordinator

Updated: Apr 30

So often I hear from brides, “the day was so much less stressful because we had you”. Let’s be real, your wedding day is a BIG day with an early wake-up, late night and lots of emotions in between. With so many details to be considered and taken care of, it’s hard to not stress while you get ready/walk down the aisle/do anything else. Everyone deserves to enjoy their wedding day and not think about finicky details while getting your photos taken. The day is over before you know it, so why not ask a wedding planner to handle the stresses so you can be in the moment? If you’re not convinced, here’s another six reasons you need a wedding planner.

We take the stress off your shoulders

Like I said, planning and coordinating a wedding is stressful to the untrained hand. Generally, the process can take up to 250 hours - that’s six weeks of 9am-5pm working days! With so many small details to account for and plan, it becomes very overwhelming very quickly. And that’s only the planning portion! Actually ensuring the wedding day itself runs smoothly and according to plan is a whole other whirlwind that requires a cool head, experience and a little bit of magic. Basically, we stress so you don’t have to.

We know who is a quality vendor or supplier and can provide recommendations

You will spend hours searching for the right vendors or suppliers, relying on people’s reviews to tell you about the quality of their services. Rather than go through all that bother, let us find what you’re looking for. Chances are we already know exactly who you need and can call them directly to check their availability. With just a few key instructions from you, we can locate the right vendor for the right price and ensure you’ll receive quality service.

We keep details from falling through the cracks

The little details that come together to form a wedding are like puzzle pieces; there can be dozens or hundreds of them, losing track of one is detrimental to the full picture and it’s easy to get confused about how they all fit together. In the chaos of life, things slip through the cracks like paying vendor bills or contacting a vendor with changes. With a planner by your side, we track those things so that nothing is forgotten and nothing slips through. So that when your wedding day arrives, you have a full completed picture to admire and enjoy.

We have the experience to ensure your day goes smoothly

We’ve done this before, promise. While every wedding and couple is different, there are some things that are consistently the same, or at least similar. With enough weddings tucked under our belt to know when the weather is changing, someone is about to hit the floor or a younger guest is about to throw a temper tantrum we have the experience all brides need to make sure their wedding goes off without a hitch.

We are the buffer you need to handle awkward situations

Awkward moments are bound to happen whenever large groups of people gather. Someone makes an awkward joke during the open mic, an older relative falls asleep at the table, or someone has a bit too much to drink and starts bumping into tables. Trust me; we’ve seen it all. No matter who your wedding coordinator is, I suggest discussing a hand signal with your coordinator (or even maid of honour) that indicates a need to be rescued from an awkward moment. Need someone to cut a speech short or dance with the friend sitting by themselves? No worries. Need a potential argument defused? Can do. No matter the awkward moment, we can be the buffer you need.

We cover the unexpected jobs that pop up during the day

Sometimes the unexpected happens - you run out of ice for the drinks, you left the boutonnieres at the groom’s getting ready venue, or the cake needs to be cut and portioned. In those moments where most people are swivelling their heads, wondering who is going to take care of this problem, I’m already in the car. I’ve let the maid of honour (or other key contact people) know what’s going on and what needs to happen next while I head to the nearest convenience store.

Wedding planners are the one thing you don’t fully realise how much you need until the day is done and the dozen things that went wrong escaped your notice. That’s a job done well for us.

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable x

P.S. I always have extra water and photo-ready umbrellas in my car, just in case ;)

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