Wedding Day Emergency Kit: What you should include

As a wedding planner and coordinator, I endeavour to be prepared for any eventuality. Whether it’s a loose shoe, a missing bouquet or running make-up, I come prepared with my own emergency kit to help the day run smoothly. But, everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to certain products, and so, I suggest brides and their ladies create their own Emergency Kit to have on hand for the wedding day.

To get you started, I’ve listed some of my key inclusions, but it’s up to you and your personal preferences as to what you include in yours.

1. Bobby-pins AKA hairpins

After spending so much time getting your hair done for the big day, nothing would be worse than it falling out or coming loose. Any hair-stylist worth their salt will have ensured that your hair is not going to move until you jump in the shower that evening, but you can never be too prepared. Bobby-pins or hairpins should always be a staple in any emergency beauty kit. You shouldn’t need a large number, maybe 10 or so. Keep them together by wrapping a small hair elastic around them and you’re good to go.

2. Safety pins and fashion tape

I love safety pins. They fix so many problems in a snap. Is your bridesmaid’s dress too long? Safety pins. Is your bodice or bra slipping? Safety pins. Slight tear in your dress? Safety pins. I always like to carry a small handful in an old film canister or coin-purse, up to 20 is more than enough and will cover any number of the problems if they should arise.

Fashion tape follows along the same line of thought. Having fashion tape on hand is a must if you or your ladies are wearing strapless dresses or going braless for the day. We’ve all heard stories about the awkward nipple-slip or side-boob; don’t let that be you. Come prepared.

3. Band-aids and panadol

I don’t know about you, but I’m always tempted to pull out those gorgeous heels that sit at the back of my closet for weddings. They’re too fancy to wear every day, but a wedding is the perfect excuse to dust them off. Until they start to rub the wrong way, my feet sweat on the dance floor and, what do you know! Blisters. To keep your shoes comfortably on your feet all night long, carry some sturdy band-aids. I suggest the fabric ones instead of plastic ones; fabric band-aids stay put and don’t fall off if you get sweaty. If all else fails, panadol (or Aspirin or Neurofen) is your friend that will help you manage the pain of your shoes and dim a headache. Remember to carefully manage your painkiller intake when consuming alcohol.

4. Deodorant and wet-wipes

Weddings are hard work - I should know! You’re likely to work up a sweat, running from the ceremony to photos to the reception. To keep yourself smelling fresh through all the hugs and kisses, freshen up with a quick wet-wipe under your arms (and anywhere sweat may gather - underboob anyone?) and swipe on your preferred deodorant. You’re ready to hit the dance floor!

5. Tissues and face mist

In the pursuit of feeling fresh amidst the busyness of your wedding day, I suggest including tissues and a refreshing face-mist in your emergency kit. Remember: dab or blot, don’t rub your face with the tissue as you’re likely to ruin your make-up in the process. A light spritz of your favourite face-mist and you’ll feel fresh for the rest of the night. Plus, with tissues, you never know when you might need to dab the sweat in your cleavage, mop up tears or wipe sticky fingers if there are children about.

6. Your lipstick and a compact mirror

If you’re wearing lipstick that’s likely to smudge or lose it’s vibrancy make sure to carry it with you on the day. Many brides prefer to select and purchase their wedding lipstick ahead of the day and show it to their makeup artist during the trial; this way, they have the exact shade available for them during the evening. A compact mirror is just the ticket to allow a quick touch-up while out for your photos or before returning to the reception room.

Now, how to carry all these emergency items? I prefer compact to large and arduous and so I have managed to fit these, and a few other small items, into a large(ish) clutch. Whatever you prefer can be made to work, you just have to be creative. Hand it off one of your bridesmaids to be in charge of for the day so you don’t have to chase your ladies around, or consider leaving it in the bathroom if you have private access to one for your event. No one will touch what isn’t theirs. Remember, it’s up to you and your personal preference for what you carry.

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable x

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