Top Tips from a Micro-Wedding Bride

Every bride has a few lessons she learns about weddings during her wedding day. Often, these are things that are too late to change or fix in the moment and many brides can walk away with a small sense of regret. So that you don’t walk away with regrets after your micro-wedding we asked one of our past brides for her top three micro-wedding tips.

1. Take your time

“Our ceremony was only half an hour, our dinner was only a few hours and getting ready didn’t take that long. I could have slept more if I hadn't been so excited. I honestly wish that I had needed to get up earlier and needed that time, that we had spent longer in the ceremony and longer at dinner because you want to live in that moment longer and savour it. It became so time-efficient without trying - the fewer people there are the quicker it happens. It would have been nice if it had taken a bit longer."

2. Invest in a great videographer to capture the vows to share

"We invested in a really great videographer, so we were still able to share the moment (of the vows and the day) and experience it with them. I had friends come away from watching the video crying because they felt so moved and close to us, even though they couldn't be there in the moment and I even feel that closeness to them."

3. Have the celebration a few months later

"Having a celebration later was incredible, not only for the practicalities and spreading it out, but we got to spend the whole five hours of the celebration with everyone catching up and talking to people and connecting with them. With the usual ceremony, you don't talk to anyone, then you're off for photos, then at the reception where you’re trying to eat and can only talk with those near you between bites.

"Having the celebration later meant we could actually go around the whole time and chat and catch up and really connect with people. So many people commented about it and how much they enjoyed, how they thought it was a great option. A few said they were sad to miss the ceremony, but only in passing and once they saw the video, they didn't even worry about that. It was a really good experience all around and a lot of people commended us for making that choice."

Final words

"I don't regret the way that I did it all, I still think it was the best possible way to do it. I think that a micro-wedding and a delayed celebration has so many benefits. Not only for you as the couple getting married, but also for your family who are with you in this process and for your friends who want to celebrate with you. It's just a win-win in so many ways."

"Seriously, don't fall into the trap of thinking, “oh I have to do things the way they've always been done”, I mean we can't do things the way they’ve always been done any more. everything in our lives it's transforming so much right now so you don't need to feel like “I have to look like what I've seen before” no it doesn't need to be anything like that, do what works for you what suits you and if you want to get married, get married at home. Don’t let something like current context delay your special moment."

We loved working with this special bride and thank her for taking the time to share her top tips!

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable x

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