New Ideas for an Old Tradition: Something Old, Something New

We’ve all heard the old rhyme and seen it played out at weddings across the years - something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe. But where does this tradition come from and what are some easy and fun ways to include the tradition?

Originating in Victorian Era, England, this tradition is all about honing good luck as you step into a new, and what was considered to be the most important, phase of your life.

Something Old

This piece of the puzzle is a nod to the bride’s past and her family. It doesn’t necessarily have to be “old”, but rather it should represent the old phase of your life as you step into your future.


  • A piece of jewellery

  • A headpiece or veil

  • A favourite scarf or ribbon (these can be tied around your bouquet or woven into your dress or hair)

Something New

Newness speaks to the change and the new phase of your life, offering promise and hope for your marriage and future together. Your “new” can be anything from your dress to your shoes, but why not try something else?


  • A new haircut, colour or style (usually a risky move for a bride, but hey, why not?)

  • New lingerie

  • A new perfume

Something Borrowed

The “something borrowed” is usually borrowed from a friend or family member with a happy marriage. The idea is that happiness and success of your friend’s marriage will rub off on your own - a good omen or good luck for your marriage. It can also be a reminder that a bride can rely on her friends to support her throughout life.


  • A garter

  • A bouquet (if dried or paper flowers are your thing, this can be beautiful)

  • A veil

  • Literally, anything you want!

Something Blue

Something blue has always been my favourite because it has so much room for creativity. In the past, the colour itself has represented fidelity, love, purity and modesty (which is why it was once the traditional colour for girls to wear, but I digress). It is also said to ward off an evil that would make the bride barren.


  • Blue writing on the bottom of your shoe

  • A favourite or sentimental blue clothing item cut into a heart or strip and sewn into your wedding gown

  • Blue underwear (if your dress has layers, this is a fun and sneaky option that will make you giggle throughout the day)

A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

You may have already guessed - a silver sixpence is meant to bring good fortune and financial wealth to the happy couple. You can still find sixpence keepsakes through some online companies, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble, you can get creative.


  • A silver 20 or 50 cent piece

  • A piece of silver jewellery around your ankle

  • Paint the bottoms of your shoes silver (or wear silver shoes!)

Until next time, keep making your moments unforgettable x

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