Kristy & Corey's Mountain-Top Micro-Wedding | 10.10.2020

Off the bat, there were three things about Kristy and Corey that were obvious. One: they were a professional pair who knew what they wanted; two: their kids and family were of paramount importance to them and their life together; three: they were adorably, sweetly and passionately in love with one another.

Both having been married and divorced in the past did not deter the couple from their white-wedding wishes. We immediately began discussions for a large New Years Eve surprise wedding. As we spoke of an outdoor wedding with a Mexican food truck, giant lawn games and sparkling fairy-lights their excitement grew along with my enthusiasm to make this day the day of their dreams. But as with many weddings during 2020, COVID-19 restrictions quickly put a damper on the large celebration and plans were scaled back to include only themselves, their children and their immediate family.

With only two months to source vendors, secure a venue, find dresses and suits, send invitations and meet the ideal caterer, the process was a bit of a whirlwind, but before long all the pieces came together and fit perfectly.

From the bride: I think number one, Mikaela really understood the brief of what we wanted for the day. She asked really specific questions to help clarify what the most important things were for us. As a result, literally, every vendor she provided was exactly what we wanted. From celebrant to the photographer to the cake.

Two nights before the big day, Kristy and Corey told their kids that they weren’t just going away for the weekend, they were all going away to get married. Soon after I received a call from a confused Kristy as the kids wanted to talk to me. Four incredible kids, ages nine through to 14 had a surprise and they needed me in on it. First, a dance to be performed by the three girls and managed by their brother. Second, a song written and to be performed by the two eldest daughters in lieu of a speech. A quick glance over the timeline and a note to notify the videographer to be ready for both special moments, and we had it locked in.

The day of the wedding arrived and slowly but surely, vendors arrived to contribute their beautiful work to make the day unforgettable. By the time I arrived on site, hair and makeup were underway, the stylists were adding finishing touches and we were right on schedule. With just a few additions and adjustments, like a rose petal aisle and cob-web removal, everything was ready.

From the bride: Detailed coordination and communication with myself and vendors ensured that the day ran beautifully and everyone knew where they had to be which was especially important for our location which was remote with a long steep single-access driveway. Mikaela went above and beyond, I did not have to worry about any detail on the day except for enjoying the moments. From kiddie meltdowns to removing cobwebs to make the space perfect.

Fairly soon, guests arrived and were seated, Corey took his place at the arbour and we started the music. One by one, the three girls in chiffon white dresses walked gracefully down the aisle to Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. Emotion swelled clearly in Kristy’s eyes and the excitement was palpable. As we waited for the girls to reach the arbour and the music to swell, I gave Kristy’s dress one final fluff; she turned back to look at me and I couldn’t contain my joy for her and Corey. One cheesy grin from me, a quick wink from her and the music swelled. She stepped into view and it was perfect.

Almost too quickly, vows were shared, a kiss sealed the promises they’d made to one another and Mr and Mrs Corey and Kristy Snerling were presented to their family for the first time.

Needless to say, the rest of the evening was just as special as two families became one and celebrated the occasion with incredible food and heartfelt stories. There was never a moment where Kristy and Corey caught each other’s eyes and didn’t smile at one another. Every single moment shared, the genuine love in their eyes shone through. So deep, so true and so joyful.

From the bride: I especially appreciate that you were as invested as we were on making sure the day was perfect. Thank you, Mikaela.

Cake - There Must Be Cake

Wedding dinner - Chef Manny

Styling, furniture hire and flowers - Arctic Fox Weddings

Planning and coordination - Warrior Rose Events

Beauty - Aurum Bride

Celebrant Sarah Archer Weddings

Photos and video Bird and Boy Photography

Light up letters - Big Light Letters

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