How to handle COVID-19 as a Bride

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

COVID-19 AKA the Coronavirus has everyone on edge at the moment, especially in the wedding world. We know a lot of brides are wondering whether to postpone, cancel or go ahead with their wedding. I get it, it’s a big choice and a tough one to make as the situation changes hourly.

But we are here to help! To get you back on your feet and keep your wedding on track, we’ve devised a few options/suggestions so that your day can still go on, even though it may look a little different.

Five is all you need

By law, you only need five people at your ceremony: the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant. If you wish to go ahead with your ceremony and marriage, do so! Your marriage and life together don't need to be delayed just because the reception does. In fact, this would be an ideal time to take an extended honeymoon at home together!

Postpone, don’t cancel

Rather than risk losing deposits or similar fees you may have already paid, consider postponing your reception and redefining it as a grand celebration. You can postpone the reception by a few months or even a year and then have the most amazing celebration party later. I have had a couple do this - featured on our social media pages - and it relieved so much pressure and stress for all involved.

Separate but together

Remember that “together” doesn’t have to mean physically. You can Livestream your ceremony to those who cannot attend in-person due to social distancing. While this can feel impersonal, your friends and family would rather witness your special moment in this way than not see it at all.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what your next steps should be in postponing or replanning your wedding, please feel free to contact us for a free one-hour consultation and we can help you map out how you should proceed.

We’ll also be keeping an eye out as things progress with the Australian Government regulations and the Coronavirus, so be sure to follow us on social media for more resources, tips and tricks.

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable x

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