How Do You Plan My Wedding?

Here at Warrior Rose events, we are all about transparency in our process and planning (and everything else), and since you’re here I’m guessing you’re either A) looking for some wedding planning tips or B) thinking about hiring us to plan your wedding. Either way, welcome! This post, however, is intended to shed some light on how we operate and will work with you to plan your wedding. So, let’s get started!

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Maybe you heard about us from a friend, through a Google search, on social media or via Easy Weddings and now you’re looking to get in touch - yay! Send us through an email, text or give us a call so we can answer any questions you have about prices or availability. I'll get back to you ASAP with our digital brochure which includes our package inclusions and prices.

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I love meeting people and having a good chat over a coffee, smoothie or tea. I find that a casual conversation is a great way to check each other’s vibe and see if we have the right chemistry to work together. Because I’m planning your special day with you, I believe it’s so important for us to get along, for you to trust me and me to know you enough to be able to immediately streamline the vendor selection process for you.

I’ll also walk you through our packages, get a feel for your preliminary thoughts on vendors/suppliers, and answer any questions you may have.

If we click and you are keen to work together, awesome! Onto Step 3, if not, we part ways with good wishes and a recommendation for other planners who may suit you better.

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Following our meeting, I’ll send through a copy of our contract so you have all the fine print to look over before making a decision. There’s no pressure from my end so take a few days, think it over, come back with any questions and then decide.

If you decide to move forward, I’ll send through our deposit invoice via Xero, you send back the contract and payment and it’s all flower arrangements and confetti from here.


When we begin planning I’ll start by sending you a mood-board based on the colours and styles you indicated an interest in during our initial meeting. Once we have that confirmed, I’ll send through style options for each vendor/supplier you need. For example, photos of different bouquet styles, photographer styles, centrepieces, table layout and dinnerware. You’ll select your favourite styles and I will use those images to begin sourcing quotes from vendors.

When I have received a small collection of quotes from various vendors, I will compile these and send them through to you. You then select Option A, B or C. Very simple.

I’ll let the vendor know they’re booked and arrange to receive a contract and invoice from them. You sign the contract and pay the invoice and BOOM! They’re locked in.

We’ll repeat this process until all your vendors are booked and ready.


When we hit about two to three months out from your wedding, I’ll hit you up to talk about the run sheet, your photo locations, your list of family photos and any emergency contacts. By this point, unless anything major has happened or we have a short planning timeframe, 90% of your wedding has been planned, organised and is ready to go!


One week out and it’s time for the rehearsal. I’ll have this locked in with the venue during Step 5 and then we call your bridal party, celebrant and any other key figures together for an hour. We’ll walk through the vows, the timing of the walk, placement of people and a few little tips and tidbits I’ve picked up over time.

At this point, I will also confer with all your vendors/suppliers to ensure they know their arrival times, where to park, who to call (me) in case of an emergency and answer any questions they may have at the last minute.


And here we are! It’s your big day!

I’ll be up and available by phone from approximately 7am or so on your wedding day. You can call me with concerns or issues, or not, up to you. I will be available to you and all vendors in case something comes up, and I will handle it by making decisions or giving direction where needed. This allows you to relax and have the best day possible.

From there, I’ll arrive onsite one hour before the ceremony is set to commence to ensure all the set-up is complete by the venue or stylists. I’ll add any finishing touches you requested and begin welcoming guests as they arrive.

Once the bride pulls-in to the car park, I’ll be waiting to meet and escort you down to your place. I’ll signal the music and the walk begins.

After the ceremony, we head into the receiving line and family photos. I’ll use my big voice (carefully curated as the child of teachers) to ask friends and family to join the photograph or please move away. I can then join you for your bridal party photos (I’m excellent at holding shoes, water, veils, trains etc. or removing bugs from hair) if you prefer, or I’ll head to the reception location for a final check and to greet guests as they arrive.

Next, the reception begins. Here, my role is really about ensuring all the formalities take place when required and to handle any problems that may arise throughout the evening. I’ll confer with the DJ and food servers on any details or hiccups and just be on hand if you need anything at all. I’ll also pack-up any personals you may have brought with you and ensure they go home with your designated person (parents, friends, etc.) at the end of the night.

That’s it! Fairly simple, I think.

I hope this sheds some light on our processes, but please contact me if you have any further questions about my services.

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable x

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