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So, welcome! Come along and get to know me; let’s get started.

First off, the basics. My name is Mikaela Creed. I have been married for two years to my goofy amazing husband, Alex, who is a diesel-mechanic (fixes trucks). I grew up in China (we moved there in my early childhood) and arrived back in Australia in time for my high-school education (where the usual growth and teen angst took place. I also rocked my studies and graduated with an OP 4, loved studying history, sociology and visual art, was a total theatre kid, and set myself up for gifted kid burnout). I studied a Bachelor of Mass Communication, majoring in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in Mandarin. I have one older sister (AKA my best friend) who is a teacher and married to an amazing Samoan man; my mum is from New Zealand and my dad is from Zimbabwe - they met here and ta-da, love. I was raised as a Christian and still am one; if you wanna get technical, I’m a Pentecostal Christian.

On the weekly, I do chores on Saturday (when I don’t have a wedding), Church on Sundays, business Monday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday I work for a Bible College as the Operations Coordinator. I meal plan, go to the gym, try to have a social life and spend time with my husband.

The things I love

  • Food; I will try anything once as long as I can stomach it.

  • Art - sculpture, music, theatre, paintings, drawing, everything - but I seriously don’t appreciate modern art and can’t get behind it, especially if I don’t understand it. It’s not my jam, I’m sorry, I prefer the older stuff.

  • Cold weather, cause I’d rather wear a dozen layers than sweat in the QLD Summer sun.

  • Disney movies and quality one-liners.

  • Making people laugh.

  • Seeing someone move past their history or hurt to be someone so much better than they thought they could be.

  • Flowers - dried or real, but no silk for me.

  • People celebrating themselves, their achievements, and living their best life.

  • Happy couples getting married: I promise I’m not just saying that either; it literally brings me so much joy to see or hear about people falling in love and getting married. Whether it’s a stranger, a friend of a friend, or an old schoolmate, I will clap for that moment.

  • Bright colours and patterns on clothes.

  • A well-organised space, like the kitchen or study or even a pantry.

  • Op-shopping.

The things I hate

  • People who don’t respect boundaries, who refuse to listen or refuse to learn (like, I don’t totally loathe or wish ill on that person but I really don’t want to deal with or encounter them).

  • Lies. If it’s not the truth, don’t say it. If it’s an unkind thing, what’s your motivation for saying it? If it’s to hurt someone, then keep your mouth shut. If it’s to grow or correct them, say it kindly.

  • Intentional harm. Why did you do that? Because you could? Because you liked the power-rush? You need therapy or prayer or both. Go deal with that because it’s not okay.

The things I struggle with and am trying to improve on

  • Self-motivation. Not a great one to be struggling with as a small-business owner.

  • Forgetfulness. Seriously, if I don’t write it down it is not staying on my radar or in my brain.

  • Consistent devotional and prayer life. I know it’s good for me and I’ve enjoyed it when I have the habit locked in, but losing the habit is too easy and getting it back is hard work.

The things I hope for my future

  • To know and love myself truly.

  • To be a bomb-ass wife and parent.

  • To build my business up to the point where I can take a year off and it will still run as it should.

  • To still know, love and have relationships with the people I do now (plus some newbies but you get my drift).

  • To know God on a whole new level, deeper and stronger.

So, now that we’ve covered the basics and some fun facts, how and why did I become a wedding planner? It’s a long story but let’s start here:

I think it’s funny how your core is outworked or expressed on your surface; I love planning and organisation, colour-coding and lists, calendars and sticky notes. Why? Because having a plan makes me feel safe and secure in a world where things change without notice. I like change or variety, but I want constants and consistency in that variety. That core desire and need are what makes me so good at wedding planning.

When I was eight years old, I planned my birthday party; theme, decor, food, guest list, budget, the whole shebang. It went pretty well from what I can remember. I’ve also always been a celebrator; anyone’s birthday, anniversary, family night (which I forced on my parents and sister), was all celebrated with bright colours and chocolate cake. Couple that with a love for love and a strong interest in the movie 27 Dresses, and wedding planning just made sense. At least, I thought it did until I was 14 years old and had a conversation with someone who owned a bridal shop. She basically said there was no market for wedding planners in Australia and she didn’t know how or why I would want to do planning like that. Talk about a dream-crusher.

So, I went to uni, studied Communications and figured I’d work in PR. Nearly one year without work after graduating, newly married and bored out of my mind (seriously considering having a baby or going back to uni just to have a purpose) God reminded me of that dream I had and told me that now was the time. No, I wasn’t meant to work for someone else and build experience, no, I didn’t need to study for it first, no. Start a business and go for it. My husband, Amazing Alex as our friends used to call him, was true to his name and encouraged me to go for it. It didn’t matter that we might invest money or time for nothing, or that I could fail in front of everyone we know. He told me I wasn’t crazy, and as I started to speak with my mentors and close friends about it, they told me I wasn’t crazy too.

Being me, I don’t sit on things long before I get to work. Once I make up my mind, I start to action it and not a lot can stop me. Three months later, on August 31 2019, I launched Warrior Rose Events, and here we are.

So that’s where I am now, just flowing through life, building what I can and trying to balance business growth with my physical and mental health, my relationships and everything else life encompasses.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me just a bit. There’s honestly so much more I could say but it would take a lifetime (har har) and I don’t have that kind of time :P

But hey, hit me up for a coffee and I will chat with you till the cows come home.

Peace out, be blessed, be kind and make good choices!


Shout out to the people who have helped me make it to 23 - you know who you are and what you’ve done! So, thank you.

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