Five ways to use greenery as decor at your wedding

It’s a common sight at weddings: a tall vase of flowers as the centrepiece surrounded by tea-light candles on the dining table. Simple, effective, lovely. But there are so many other ways you can use greenery as decor at your wedding.

If you don’t like flowers and bright colours, using greenery is a great choice; you can use sprigs, branches and leaves to decorate, maintaining that atmosphere of “life” in a space. If you’re still not a fan, try dried leaves or flowers; despite them being dead, dried bouquets or similar look gorgeous and rustic when paired with soft candles and wooden tables.

1. Line the aisle or outline your dance floor

Want to define the dance floor so you can tell where it is? Outline it with greenery. Maybe you need to add some style to a staircase? Trail greenery down the stairs. Need to line your aisle? Use greenery. It adds a romantic touch, is incredibly versatile and helps to create atmosphere.

2. Scatter posies or bouquets through the room

If you’re having round dining tables or small side tables, consider a small posy or bouquet in the centre for a simple decor option. Add three to five tea-lights around each for extra atmosphere. One suggestion is to use your and your bridesmaids’ bouquets to liven up the gifts and cake table. Simply set them in a vase with fresh water and your flowers will survive the night and dress the table for you with little added effort.

3. Decorate your arbour

Arbours continue to be very popular and provide both a romantic background and a focal point for the ceremony vows. To add some extra flair and cohesion with your bouquet and colours, consider decorating the arbour with greenery and florals. Most florists have a particular skill with such arrangements and they are a stunning addition to your ceremony decor. Pro tip: ensure your planner or chief bridesmaid has extra zip ties on hand in case the arrangement needs a little boost.

4. Scattered around your cake

Depending on your personal preference, your wedding bouquet can decorate the cake table (allowing you to enjoy it all night), or you can encircle the cakestand with some delicate sprigs or blooms. This is especially lovely if your cake is decorated with matching blooms in your theme colours.

5. As a table-runner

Finally, my favourite option with long tables is to cover the centre of the table with dense greenery and a very few scattered LED tea-light candles. It’s simple, cost-effective and doesn’t take any huge skill to lay beautifully.

If budget is a concern, using greenery is often cost-effective, especially if you use clippings from your own garden or nearby bushland instead of going through a florist. Spreading greenery throughout your reception venue also adds an element of “life” to it; plants are alive and look that way thanks to the vibrancy of their colour. By utilising them in a room, people feel more comfortable because the space feels less sterile and impersonal. This is why medical offices often have floral arrangements in the waiting room and why we started bringing flowers to people in hospital. Honestly, it’s a go-to. Room looking sterile? Add florals, candles and good music; those three are always a winning combination.

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable x

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