Five At-Home Hen's Night Ideas

Updated: Feb 11

Restrictions are lifting - woohoo! - which means weddings, hens and bucks, engagement parties and so much more are now allowed in Queensland! You can head out for a fun night on the town (though no dancing till Nov 1) or if you're a bit nervous about being outside amongst crowds for your Hen's Night, here are five great at-home Hen's Night ideas.

Bride and bride-tribe bridesmaids photo by zoriana stakhniv

Flower Crown Making

Do you love flowers? Me too! Flower crowns are a fun way to make flowers wearable, are a great conversation point for groups that don’t all know each other and are environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals or polluting materials.

You can book in with a class with everything provided or you can DIY it! There are fantastic tutorials on Youtube (like this one!) that take you through the process in an easy-to-follow manner and you can get all the materials you need at your local flower market (in Brisbane, I suggest the Rocklea Flower Markets).

You’ll need:

  • Large-ish flowers (e.g. roses, sunflowers, dahlias)

  • Filler flowers (e.g. babies breath, spray roses, daisies)

  • Filler greens (any hardy-stemmed greenery)

  • Water and scissors

  • Raffia (for crowns made with the wrapping technique)

*pro tip: make sure your flowers have hardy stems to allow ease when wrapping and ensure they don’t break and fall out (e.g. don’t use soft-stemmed flowers such as tulips or irises).

Paint and Sip

If you’re artsy, or not but want to be artsy for a night, have a paint and sip night! You can hire someone to come in to facilitate and provide the materials, or you can DIY. It’s all about sipping your favourite wine or drink (you could totally do smoothies or something if wine isn’t your vibe) while painting a fun picture. My favourite part? Everyone turning out a completely different version of the same picture.

If you want to DIY, you’ll need:

  • A canvas per person

  • A small collection of paintbrushes of varying sizes per person

  • A takeaway plastic container or lid for a pallet

  • Dirty water cups or jars

  • Paint - red, blue, yellow, white and black will cover all the bases and allow you to mix the perfect shades

  • Aprons (or warn your ladies to come in messy clothes)

  • A picture for everyone to paint and copy

  • Wine and drinking glasses

  • Music

Voila! Paint the night away with your friends and sip wine to your heart’s content.

Spa Day

Everyone loves a spa day so why not recreate one in your own home? Tell your ladies to bring a bathrobe, set out hot towels and get pamper-ready (note: depending on your budget, this may be something to keep exclusively to you and your bridesmaids). Hire a mobile massage therapist to massage that stress away, make homemade face masks to pamper your skin, and even speak to your local nail salon about getting your wedding nails done at home! Throw in some scented candles, low lighting and relaxing music and it’s a big “Yes!” from me.

Glam Picnic

Have you seen those stunning photos on Instagram and Pinterest of beautiful picnic set-ups? The envy has been real. Call a fabulous team (like this one here) and they will set-up a picnic space that will make you feel like the beautiful bride you are. Have your bridesmaids throw together a few platters of your favourite snacks and you have a glam afternoon or evening picnic for all your closest ladies.

Movie Night

It’s simple but a classic; sometimes curling up in your PJs with your favourite snacks and best gal pals is all you really need. Throw in some classic romance movies (see our list of top picks here!) and you have a winning recipe for a quiet night in. But don’t think it has to be a basic event! Make a blanket fort, string some fairy-lights, pile every cushion and pillow you have in the middle, light a scented candle and you’re ready! You can also hire or buy a mini-projector and show the movie on your wall, ceiling or a sheet - check out a few options for those here.

If you really want to simplify the whole process, head to Class Bento to see the workshops and classes they have on offer for Hens Nights.

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable x

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