10 of the Best Wedding Movies for Your Night In

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Whether you’re dreaming of your wedding day, in the midst of planning or helping your best friend prepare for their big day, wedding-themed movies are excellent comic-relief. I should know, I still go back to these classics for a laugh when planning weddings left, right and centre! To help you kick back and relax, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite wedding movies, in no particular order, for your viewing pleasure.

27 dresses movie poster

1. 27 Dresses

Something about this movie just keeps people coming back. Katherine Heigel, a romantic-comedy expert, finds love (yet again) in an unexpected place (yet again) against a backdrop of unrequited love, sister-feuds and true wedding-planning busyness.

My big fat greek wedding movie poster

2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

If you haven’t seen this movie, get on it! One of my all-time favourite romantic-comedies tells the story of a Greek woman who finally finds love with a non-Greek man. Her very traditional family are confused by the groom’s non-Greekness, but embrace him, the wedding and the fun that comes with it (seriously, it’s so much better than I can make it sound; you will love it)

bride and prejudice movie poster

3. Bride and Prejudice

Bollywood musical meets Pride and Prejudice in this colourful and energetic retelling of the Jane Austen classic. If you enjoy musicals and Pride and Prejudice, you will enjoy this film. I rewatched this so often as a kid that I have the entire soundtrack memorized. In short, it’s colourful, fun, multi-cultural and hilarious.

bride wars movie poster

4. Bride Wars

This is where stuff gets real. Two best friends get engaged and are each other’s maid-of-honour. Their weddings are accidentally booked for the same day. Best-friend rivalry, competition and real girl drama create a hilarious and relatable cocktail of fun.

sweet home Alabama movie poster

5. Sweet Home Alabama

Reece Witherspoon; need I say more? If yes, then throw in a handsome country boy, big-city dreams, forgotten love and a casual love-triangle and I’m sure you’ll be on board with this one.

the wedding planner movie poster

6. The Wedding Planner

A J-Lo classic. Back in the time of Maid in Manhattan and Runaway Bride (another classic), this wedding planner falls in love with her client, almost marries the wrong man, but then lives happily ever after in the end.

mike and dave need wedding dates movie poster

7. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

A more modern take on the wedding movie genre that gives focus to a guy’s perspective. Two brothers, who are always up to no good, are charged with finding two respectable girls to take to their sister’s wedding. Two not-so respectable girls end up going with them and hilarious chaos ensues.

bridesmaids movie poster

8. Bridesmaids

Several comedic geniuses (Kristen Wigg, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Ross Byrne) star in this flick that is truly for the bridesmaids. Maid-of-honour, Annie, gives life to the stresses and concerns of being a bridesmaid in the most comedic and eventful way possible.

monster-in-law movie poster

9. Monster-in-Law

It might give you PTSD flashbacks or it might be cathartic to see a monster-in-law get what’s coming to her. Either way, this is another J-Lo classic you will love as she goes head-to-head with a true monster-in-law.

mamma mia! movie poster

10. Mamma Mia!

Another movie-musical I highly recommend. One bride, three possible dads, and a whole lot of ABBA music; what more could you want in a wedding rom-com?

Now that your movie-marathon list is ready, it’s time to curl up with some popcorn and a comfy blanket and laugh till your stomach hurts. Have fun! x

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